The Grade R class of 2011 had a wonderful send-off at the end of last year. A special Farewell Party was held, attended by the parents, staff and all the other Jujurha Preschoolers. Each Grade R child was given a Jujurha Preschool Certificate and a brand new school bag to take to their new school! We are confident that they have each been given a firm foundation on which to build their future school careers and we can only hope that the State will ensure that every child’s constitutional right to a good education is realized and that they are afforded the opportunity to break the cycle of poverty as they realize their own potential for the benefit of all South Africans.

The new school year has started with a record number of enrolments at Jujurha Preschool. For all the new children in our 3 – 4 year old class, the first day meant entering a whole new world of exciting and stimulating activities in a bright and beautiful classroom.  

 It meant storybooks, toys, puzzles, blocks, crayons and a whole playground where interesting and fun-filled activities are the order of the day! It also meant being given and using a toothbrush for the first time, using toilets, learning about washing hands, lining up at mealtimes…..For a few children, it was a little overwhelming at first  but they soon felt quite at home under the warm and watchful eyes of Xolisa and Nokonwaba, assisted by Nosihle.

 The children of Nqileni are very independent and deeply secure within the community, with the result that even the youngest will walk to and from school every day without their parents. For some, this will be a 2 – 3 km walk each way, up and down the grassy hills, stopping here and there for a game or a chat!