We are happy to announce the successful graduation of our 9 Community Care Workers from the Zingisa Rehabilitation training program.

The BI’s graduates! Great work everyone!

Along with learning general home based care and first aid, the program provided lessons on counseling, basic nursing and checking vital signs.  During the training, the care workers receive both classroom instruction and hands-on practical work with the facility’s over 300 patients including the elderly, mentally ill, stroke victims, burn victims, patients with severe wounds, people with epilepsy, and people living with HIV/AIDS.  The intensive 6 week program had the care workers working 7 days a week, sometimes even nights.

The trainees singing as they parade to the graduation ceremony

In early August the care workers finally completed their training and received their certificates.  As each trainee was called to receive their certificate, their instructors and even some of their patients would run up and hug them in congratulations.

The ceremony was complete with gowns, speeches, music, and dancing!

The BI is proud of the care workers and happy to welcome them back after all their hard work.  The BI’s Home Based Care program is in the process of being redesigned to be more effective and allow the care workers to put their training and new skills to use.

Nomzingisi, head of the BI care workers, happily receives her diploma.  Congratulations!