The Jujurha Preschool children, under the watchful eyes of their teachers, collected litter as their service to the community on Nelson Mandela’s 93rd birthday. In a village where there is no municipal refuse removal system, litter spoils the beautiful landscape, especially around the spaza shops. The children filled 3 large bags which were then returned to the Jujurha Education Centre where it is sorted and disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. Washing hands afterwards reinforced all the routines practised daily at school.

Participation in national events is an important aspect of education in remote villages such as Nqileni where communities have been marginalised for so long and we therefore welcome every opportunity for the youngest members to demonstrate to their families the importance of celebrating, with the rest of the world, the birthday of a man who grew up not far from here, in a village not very different from ours.