Our Healthy Livestock Project makes much needed anti-parasite and vitamin dosing available for the livestock in the area. The project is self-sustaining as community members pay for the medicines themselves. Anecdotally, farmers claim that breeding rates have increased significantly – we will get more accurate statistics early next year.

We also received valuable input from Hannes Rabe, an expert Livestock and Crop farmer sent by Germany’s SES advisory service to advise us for one month. Hannes had very constructive discussions with our Livestock committee and we learnt a lot.

This month the Livestock Committee, which is made up by community members, had a fruitful visit to the Mandange Tyali’s Nguni cattle breeding farm near Morgan Bay. The Tyalis are from our area but they have a farm across the Kei river which operates on sound commercial principles with very high breeding rates. Our committee members were blown away by the condition of the animals and the high breeding rates. We are working on implementing these valuable lessons.