Sam is bringing his HIV awareness presentation into the local classrooms targeting all learners 12 years and older at both the No-Ofisi primary school and the Xhora Mouth secondary school.

It was a full classroom with 76 learners in attendance!

To get a better sense of what the learners know, don’t know, and what they would like to know, an anonymous survey was distributed asking questions about the learners’ experience with sex, HIV, and drugs.

The kids learned about how HIV attacks the immune system, why ARVs save lives, and why it is so important to use condoms.

As expected, there was an initial eruption of nervous laughter and giggling during the condom demonstration, but soon the room was quiet and the learners listened with focused attention. The message became clear: condoms save lives by protecting people from HIV.

A group of learners act out the Elephants & Lions game to demonstrate how HIV attacks the immune system.

Condoms are tough!

The learners are still shy and require lots of encouragement to actively participate in the sessions and engage in group discussions, but Sam is confident once the health sessions become routine the learners will be more open and involved.

The learners had a blast playing the condom time bomb game!