Since 2009, when we opened the first preschool at the Jujurha Education Centre, the BI has prioritised parental involvement in our Early Childhood Development (ECD) Programmes. Since then we have continue to offer regular workshops in a range of topics including: “You are Your Child’s First Teacher”, “ECD in the Home”, “Making Toys from Recycled Materials”, “Taking Care of Important Documents for Your Child”, “Participating on the Parent Committee” etc.

By offering their services, in lieu of paying fees, to cook and make materials like cushions and toys from recycled materials, our parents are always involved in our daily ECD programmes.

During the past month, Funeka Jija, the Principal of the Jujurha Education Centre and Bongezwa Sontundu, the manager of our ECD at Home programme, were given the opportunity to participate in the Hope World Wide Parent Training workshops in Johannesburg. They then returned and delivered these workshops to the Parents of our preschools. This training has boosted the content of our Parent Training and Participation programme thereby improving the overall quality of our ECD offerings.

A Parent Workshop