This month’s workshop for the parents was about the importance of books in their children’s lives. The workshop facilitator was Phikiswa, one of the Jujurha Preschool teachers. Phikiswa started by welcoming the parents and explaining that the topic of the day was books and the significance of reading.


Outline of the workshop


Materials they will use to make their own books

Most of the parents cannot read themselves or have very limited reading skills but this should not restrict them in communicating the message of the importance of books to their children. Even if they cannot read themselves, they can certainly “read” a book with pictures or drawings and tell stories to their children. The workshop then continued with its practical session, during which every parent had to make a book from scratch for their child. Following  the facilitator’s instructions, they folded the pages, made holes for the string that holds the book together and finally cut and glued pictures from magazines into their books.



Proudly showing their hand-made books!