“iiTablet Tshomiz creates local job opportunities while developing our youth”
– Lihle Mbikwana (Melibuwa iiTablet Tshomiz Site Manager)

After 3 years of successful implementation of our online learning project, iiTablet Tshomiz, we reflect on the impact it has for our learners, and just as importantly, our facilitators.

Facilitator, Lihle, working with iiTablet Tshomiz buddy

Due to high student to teacher ratio, learners can sometimes fall behind in topics without being fully supported— our facilitators work hard to bridge this gap. Facilitators assist teachers by running daily Math and English programs at four different schools in the Xhora Mouth area.

The facilitators of iiTablet Tshomiz are the backbone of our program. Incredibly driven and dedicated to our learners, they bring an affable energy to the classroom that encourages comfortability and enhances learning. Facilitators build nurturing relationships with learners in order to highlight their strengths and further support any challenges.

All of our facilitators are locally employed individuals who have completed Matric. Throughout the year, they attend different trainings and workshops to strengthen their knowledge, skills, and abilities.

Mr. Lihle Mbikwana, the Melibuwa PSS Facilitator Site Manager, started working for iiTablet Tshomiz as his first job. In an interview, he described the program as being an empowering opportunity to work in his community while developing skills as an educator. Lihle aspires to study Education at UNISA and become a teacher, and he believes that his time as a facilitator has enabled him to pursue this aspiration.

The strive for furthering education and vocation is seen in all of our facilitators. This year, 12 out of 18 facilitators have applied to study for their tertiary education through UNISA.

We are proud in all the hard work of our facilitators. Their efforts contribute to a thriving Xhora Mouth community, and South Africa at large!