The Local Microenterprise Sewing Project is on a roll! Shayleen Dwyer, the talented tailor is back, helping the sewers to expand the range of articles they produce. This project now provides a regular income for four people supplying traditional Shweshwe articles for sale to tourists at the Bulungula Lodge Craft shop, larger orders for outside shops and corporates and supports other Local Microenterprise businesses like the Village Homestay and Hot Box projects with various hand-made goods.

The Project is busy expanding to include training in wool buying, cleaning and product making and we hope to increase the number of jobs to a further five people.Once these enterprises are consolidated, we will be able to use the model to create jobs in the surrounding areas.

Due to the recent and successful expansion of this income-generating project, the donation of a Solar-powered Spotlight by Chris and Liz Bedford from Canada came at a particularly opportune time! This very useful appliance was designed in Calgary, Canada by Steven O’Gorman and Chris and Liz thoughtfully donated one to the Bulungula Incubator. In Nqileni Village, where there is no access to electricity, the light has made a significant difference.

The Solar Spotlight is being used temporarily at the home of one of the sewers, where production currently takes place, but it will be installed permanently once the project has built its own workshop. The participants expect to be able to save the money needed for this building over the next few months.

Struggling along by candlelight

Trying out the new Solar-powered Spotlight!