Bafazi Junior Secondary School is situated beyond the area served by the BI but, following a visit from the acting principal and the chairman of the SGB, we were able to immediately extend the emergency nutrition programme to  +_600 hungry children. The cheerful cooks manage amazingly well in their outdoor kitchen!

 A visit to the school revealed many infrastructural needs but some enthusiastic teachers. The Grade Rs have no classroom and very little equipment so they were delighted with the materials we brought for them! Their teacher will spend a day at Jujurha Preschool observing in the Grade R class and learning how to use the materials to best advantage.

Toys like this add a whole new dimension to a school day!

Mbutye School is situated at the end of a particularly bad road and is only partially completed. Some damaged or missing ceilings, few blackboards, insufficient desks and chairs are just some of the challenges. Through the Community Worker Programme, we hope to assist with minor, but important, repairs.