Our visiting volunteer, Karen Kievit writes this about a recent workshop hosted by the Bulungula Incubator –

Jujurha Early Learning Centre was host to eight visiting teachers and staff from three other preschools in the surrounding area: Zithulele, Mdumbi, and Coffee Bay. The visitors spent the morning touring our beautiful facilities and observing our wonderful teachers and children in action in the classrooms and on the playground. The afternoon included a two-part workshop facilitated by our volunteer Early Childhood Education specialist, Karen Kievit. Participants gathered new ideas on how to stimulate cognitive development in young children with hands-on materials and activities. They also focused on methods for using a variety of art media to stimulate children’s creativity and initiative-taking.

A visiting teacher tries out a demonstrated art activity

The day was topped off by dinner at the Bulungula Backpacker Lodge where a spontaneous “Battle of the Preschools” erupted with teacher teams performing their favorite action songs for children. The teachers and staff here at Jujurha feel fortunate indeed to have adequate funding and resources to host such a successful event and to share our wealth with others who are doing such important work.