The youth of the Xhora Mouth Administrative Area organised their annual June 16 Youth Day Sports Tournament again this year. The Tournament was started by Bulungula Lodge in 2012 and has since been supported by the Nqileni community, trading stores in the area, and the Bulungula Incubator. The tournament is open to the youth of all four villages in Xhora Mouth. Each village enters a soccer and netball team. Netball was started as an event in 2014.

In the Soccer tournament, Team “Dangerous F.C from Nqileni secured the first prize of a soccer kit for each team member. The second prize of R500 was awarded to Team “Western Tigers F.C” of Folokwe village. The runners up: Team “Asaziwa F.C from Mgojweni and Team “Xhora Mouth F.C” from Tshezi village each received a R200 prize.

In Netball, Nqileni village also won the first prize of R800, with the second prize of R400 going to Mgojweni while Folokwe and Tshezi villages bagged the runner up prizes of R200 each.

We are working on developing our Netball teams this year so that we are able to raise more funds for increased prizes, training for referees, and more active league games throughout the year.