Our after-school enrichment programme offers afternoon education activities to learners from Grades One to Three from the local No-ofisi Primary School. Activities are designed to stimulate the children’s interest in learning and in their environment. This week, the activities focused on litter. The children were shown an array of beautiful shells collected on our beach and then encouraged to decorate these shells to make simple jewellery and mobiles. By way of contrast, they were also shown a pile of litter, collected on that same beach and encouraged to discuss what they saw and how it impacts their environment.

A collection of litter from the beach

There are no municipal services in the village and, as consumerism increases so does the amount of litter on the beach and hillsides. We are very conscious of our own contribution to this as we bring more and more visitors to Bulungula and increase household disposable income through our various income generating initiatives. We are constantly looking for new and innovative ways of raising awareness of the impact our actions have on the environment and the potentially devastating consequences of this for the sustainability of rural villages.