Our Grade R children at Jujurha Preschool had another fun lesson learning about the ocean and the creatures that live in it. Most of the children in our area are still afraid of the ocean and cannot swim despite the fact they live next to one of the most beautiful beaches on the Wild Coast.



The lesson aimed to develop life skills by understanding and appreciating the value of the ocean, especially for the people in this village that live so close to it. At Jujurha Preschool we try to teach children to respect nature in every form from their early years. The lesson is a literacy lesson at the same time as they had to learn names of objects, fish and other ocean creatures. Moreover, it boosts their creativity as they created their own jelly fish from egg cases and paper strips. Creativity lessons are essential for developing the small muscles, strengthening the eye-hand coordination and visual perception.



Everybody proudly showing their jelly fish!


Focusing on painting and gluing their jelly fish