In October last year, we started a Community Work Programme (CWP), using funds accessed through government’s Expanded Public Works Initiative. Under the capable management of Peter Nyawiri and Nomfundo Nodanga, the programme has grown to include 100 members of the community from the 4 villages of Nqileni, Tshezi, Mgojweni and Folokwe, working on a range of projects that they have chosen in consultation with their broader communities. The projects include infrastructural improvements at 4 schools, repairs to access roads and the construction of much needed fencing around communal grazing and farming land.

So after all that work, it was time for team building and a little fun…Peter and Nomfundo got down to planning and hosted an exciting day filled with enthusiastic cheerleading, good sportmanship, a delicious lunch and a huge barrel of laughs!

Peter, manager of the Commmunity Work Programme

Following a few speeches by invited dignitaries, the soccer and netball got underway…


These ladies have got some skills!

After the serious sporting events, it was time for some silliness and side-aching laughs: the guys dug in their heels for the Tug of War while the women showed off their balancing skills in the Water Relay Race, these were followed by a very messy, mixed team, Egg-and Spoon Race…

Nqileni Team wins the Tug of War

And the crowd goes wild!!

The Water Relay Race

Enthusiastic Cheerleading (Nomfundo in front in yellow)

After 5 events, Team Tshezi was the clear winner, taking home prizes of 3 cases of cooldrinks and a sheep!

The Tshezi Team Leader accepts his medals

The Tshezi Team Victory Lap