The community of Folokhwe village celebrated the opening of Masiphathisane Preschool in October.This is the 3rdECD centre which the BI has established in partnership with the community, BI funders and the government Community Work Programme (CWP).

The Folokhwe community donated a large piece of land on which the original primary school had stood, consisting of old rondavels and 2 blocks of toilets. This has now been transformed into a beautiful preschool with 2 renovated classrooms, a new kitchen & storeroom, functional toilets and the start of a productive vegetable garden bounded by 100 fruit trees. The whole area has been neatly fenced, a water tank is collecting clean rain water and the playground, complete with jungle gym, is under construction. All this work has been done by the CWP team from Folokhwe village.

Peter managed the CWP project, Lindiwe is the BI Education Programme manager, Nomhle managed the CWP team

The 3 teachers have spent 3 months at the Jujurha Education Centre (JEC), observing, assisting and learning from their more experienced and well trained colleagues. The classrooms are filled with wonderful educational toys and materials so that the children, who come from homes without books, pictures or toys, will now have the stimulation so necessary to their cognitive development.

Ongoing support is given by the JEC as well as formal ECD training through an accredited training institution. A community committee forms a link between the school and the community.

Establishing this community preschool creates 8 permanent jobs and provides 40 children with an excellent ECD programme which will lay the foundation for further education. Masiphathisane indeed!