The BI is doing all sorts of celebrating during this festive season!  We’ve just enjoyed a huge graduation ceremony for our Jujurha Preschool Learners who have officially completed Grade R.


The party included guest speakers, music, and of course dancing.

We also celebrated the Christmas Holiday and were lucky enough to have a special guest appearance:

Guest Appearance



Father Christmas visits the BI!

Father Christmas visits the BI!


The children were unfamiliar with the idea of Father Christmas and many were even afraid of this strange man in a red suit.  When it was apparent he came bearing gifts, the children quickly warmed up to him.


Sweets for the graduates!

Sweets for the graduates!


Besides handing out sweets, Father Christmas arrived with boxes and boxes full of gifts thanks to the generosity of the Santa Shoebox Project.

60 children received Santa Shoeboxes from Santa himself!

60 children received Santa Shoeboxes from Santa himself!


The Santa Shoebox project co-ordinates the donation, collection and distribution of personalized gifts to underprivileged children across South Africa and Namibia during Christmas time.  Participants are able to personally select a child so they know the name, gender and age of the child they’ll be sending a gift to.

Opening Presents!

It was wonderful seeing so many happy children who rarely experience the joy of receiving gifts.


Next year we will encourage the children to learn the joy of giving by making arts and crafts to give back to the Santa Shoebox participants.  We also hope Father Christmas makes an appearance again next year!


Thank You




To get involved in the Santa Shoebox Project and share the joy of giving, click here to visit their website!