As we visit every village once a month for health sports day to encourage especially the youth to get tested, this month took place in Mgojweni, the Chief’s village. We managed to get more youth tested than in any of the other villages and it was a good motivation for us to keep attracting the youth to our days.

The day started slowly as we arrived and there was no one there. We waited and when they came they immediately grabbed chairs and joined the queue for testing. Time was going fast so we had to do our presentation on water management and STDs outside and it was a success as people participated and asked questions.


We then proceeded to our games as usually with the most exciting being the water race. It was village against CWP (community works programme) workers, girls against girls and women against women.


The workers got themselves a point for the young girl’s team.


The workers got another point for the mama’s team.

We moved to the tug of war, but the CWP girls were a bit older than the village ones.


And CWP women are too strong for village women


The Netball game was not as entertaining with CWP women winning the game versus the village women (9-7).



The Best soccer game followed Xhorana FC vs. CWP workers with Xhorana representing the local community which won by 2-0 getting a share of the day’s victories.

He can miss the soil with a pick

He can miss the soil with a pick

Both teams won the sheep and it was slaughtered and eaten on the spot, so it was for everyone.


This workshop gave us power to look forward to the following village as we now have a technique of getting the youth to test.