the psychological practice of self-awareness to ground in the present moment in order to create ease of mind.

Mindfulness promotes a positive mindset, enhances focus, facilitates clarity of the mind, increases empathy and kindness, improves confidence, and eases stress. At Bulungula we have introduced mindfulness in our many different spaces to keep us happy and practice some self-love!

When Do We Incorporate Mindfulness?!

Bulungula staff members during Midday Mindfulness session

Here at the Bulungula Incubator we offer ‘Midday Mindfulness’ sessions to recenter during the workday in order to increase energy, improve concentration and focus, and alleviate the common pain of desk work. Just a brief 15 minute session before lunch and we are ready to continue a productive day at work! 

At the Bulungula Lodge, we have an early bird 60-minute power yoga class every weekday. Yoga is a moving meditation that pairs intentional breath to movement. This class is open to all guests coming through and to our local community! Additionally at the Lodge, the second-Saturday of every month, we host a donation-based class to raise money for a Bulungula Incubator Project— currently, the class is fundraising for the Give A Wave Project, to buy wetsuits and surf boards (read more here). Also also at the Lodge, before our Give A Wave surf lessons, we do a quick yoga session to transition from our hectic days into the after school sesh! If you are passing through, come say hi and practice with us!!

Lastly, learners at the Bulungula College have begun the Flow Yoga program to learn tools for emotional regulation, self-awareness, and social development. In the new school year in January, all of our Bulungula College learners will go through the program!

One of the greatest gifts in life is having power over the mind. We will continue to grow and exercise our minds in order to create a more kind and gentle space! 

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