As planned, the first tranche of funding received from the Rotary Gistel for the Water Infrastructure Project has been implemented. The project began in Mgojweni Village, where 6 tanks were quickly installed. The next village to receive their tanks was the village of Folokwe, towards the end of last year and in March the third village in the area, Tshezi, were beginning to harvest their own rain water. The second tranche was received this month and Khuselo, the project manager, is already making his plans…

Installation of roof gutters

The Nozikakane family with their new tank

The Nozikakane family with their new tank

Visit by Tapini & CSIR

At the end of February we were very happy to receive another visit from the students of Tapini, the German based organisation that we have been working with for several years ( Felix Pletzinger and Lukas Zscherpe were with us for a month. They checked the tanks installed in the 3 villages to make sure that the installations were all set for for optimal water collection, trained a local team in the installation of roof gutters for thatch roofs and round huts and assisted in our community water awareness training days which they had originally helped us to design.

We also had a follow workshops by the guys from the CSIR ( workshops focused on the rollout of a cool new water filter that we’re piloting in the villages. It’s cheap and effective! If all goes well with the pilot, we hope to work with the local municipality to roll them out to each household. Water tanks are great when the summer rains are around but during the dry winter months, its often back to the ground water springs that can become contaminated and that need filtering. (  

Installing flexible, round gutters for rondawels and thatched roofs