During the last few months 16 of our CWP workers have been training to become Child and Youth Care workers and just this month they completed the Cluster 1 of Isibindi training by National Association of Child Care Workers (NACCW). Cluster 1 consisted of 5 Modules focused on child and youth rights, development, support and care. They were taught to provide care for all child development aspects, such as physical, emotional, social, cognitive or spiritual. They also are able to demonstrate and teach the parents specific routines about nutrition, hygiene, safety or games to engage with their child. Training on HIV/AIDS care and support to people on ART was also included in this Cluster.


Lulamile, our NACCW trainer      


During the training

They had 5 weeks of intensive training and a thick assessment book to fill. Managing to complete the cluster is an important achievement for our caregivers, as some of them struggle due to their limited education. During the previous months they visited all households and collected information on the number of old, sick and disabled people, the children or any other individuals needing care. So we are really proud of them as they all completed the Cluster and already started visiting households with children in order to observe, assess their particular needs and help when necessary.


Study group to fill the assessment book after the training was over

Soon they will receive the Mentor Mothers training, part of the Philani outreach programme, during which they will be trained in ante-natal and post-natal care, nutrition, breastfeeding support, HIV and basic child health. They will start working with pregnant women and continue to care for them at least until their baby becomes three years old.