It was a very nice and warm summer day during our sports day in Nqileni village as it has been raining the whole week.  The day started slowly as usual, but as we progressed with the programme people started pouring in to participate!

Once again we had two Netball and football teams playing for a sheep and minor games like water racing and tug of war teams playing for two chickens.

As it was a sport day, we decided to do our health presentation using games like who can put on a condom the fastest and correctly, who can blow the biggest condom and a trivia game about HIV.

Condom demonstration

One of the participants putting on a condom. She looks disgusted though it is important especially for women to become comfortable with condoms.

blowing condom

The blowing competition, look who’s got the biggest!

We then proceeded to the very exciting water race between Bulungula Lodge mamas and TEBA (community workers) mamas.

the runner

Wow! The mama in red can run!  You can fit a bus in that distance between her and the rest!


Now the Bulungula Lodge girls and TEBA girls

Next was the tug of war!


The lodge mamas are cooks and cleaners and can’t compete against the hard working TEBA mamas in a tug of war.

We moved to the major games: TEBA vs The Lodge in Netball!


It was a very electrifying game with the teams playing as if they were bitter rivals! May the best team win!


Was this ball going to be a goal?  We all kept looking up hoping for the best, but it missed

Finally there was the soccer game, as you know we save the best for last!  It was between the old veterans and the “Dangerous” football club team of Nqileni.  The game was very tough with lots of fun as some guys had never played competitively and became the laughing stock of the day.  Some older players got tired very quickly and had to get out and rest before playing again



Despite what you may expect, it wasn’t a walk in the park for team Dangerous.  The veterans scored first putting pressure on team Dangerous.  In the end Dangerous won 2-1.

Dangerous was representing the Bulungula Lodge so the Lodge ended up winning Soccer, Netball, and the Water Race.  Both the Grand Prize and the small prize were all awarded to the Bulungula Lodge players.


The grand prize

But guess what?  They won for everyone as even those who lost still got to share in the feast.  The winners, however, keep the pride for themselves.

It was a good day as it brought everyone, both men and women, together in one place.  We also realize how lacking in entertainment our area is.  Days like this really show that we need more days for the village to have fun together.

We managed to have more youth participate in our sports days but they are still hesitant to get tested for HIV.  We hope to meet this challenge and discuss with youth the ways we can encourage them to get tested and shred the stigma associated with HIV/AIDS