On 1 August we opened our new preschool building in Folokwe Village to many smiles and much fanfare – with helicopters included! Our preschool had originally been opened in 2013 with buildings that had been donated by community. At that time we did not have the resources for new buildings and the community was desperate for a preschool to be set up. Despite the lack of adequate infrastructure, we managed to train teachers and supply the preschool with excellent learning materials. The Parent community were well trained and the facility offered excellent ECD (Early Childhood Development) services to the children aged 3-5 years from Folokwe Village. After 3 years, the buildings were really finished. The teachers were making do with temporary partitions in the kitchen! The call from Rebecca at WREC (Wild Ride Education Company), which is sponsored by Imana was absolutely fortuitous and could not have come too soon. WREC responded to our need with dizzying speed and after 6 weeks we had a brand new building. The community collected funds for a big party, which we held on 1 August!