What an exciting, challenging and rewarding year 2012 was for the Vulindlela Scholars, their families and the Bulungula Incubator!  Just one year ago, 7 little children who had benefited from the excellent Early Childhood Development programme at Jujurha Preschool, left their families, their homes in NqileniVillage and everything familiar to them to embark on the Great Education Adventure. Vulindlela means ‘to open the road’ and 2012 was the first crucial step along that road which will end in 2023.

The children have shown themselves to be brave and resilient in the face of the challenges they faced. They have accustomed themselves to a new way of life where they are well cared for in their Mthatha home by 2 members of the Nqileni community chosen by their families. The UmtataInternationalSchool has welcomed them and ensured that every child makes optimal use of the educational opportunities offered. The BI has managed the whole programme by planning with great attention to detail, solving problems quickly and creatively and developing good relationships with the families and with UmtataInternationalSchool. Our generous donors have, of course, made the whole programme possible.

The    Vulindlela    Scholars Group resized

Top: Zethu, Linathi, Yonwaba, Zolile

Bottom: Thulile, Linewu, Asali

Academically, the final Grade 1 School Reports reflect very pleasing progress: all the children will proceed to Grade 2 in 2013. They have overcome the language barrier, speaking, reading and writing in English with increasing confidence. We are particularly proud of Thulile Dodwana, who was awarded a certificate for ‘Best Achiever in English in Grade 1’ as well as ‘Best Achiever in Life Skills in Grade 1’, Linewu Mukutwane who was awarded a certificate for ‘Best Achiever in Mathematics in Grade 1’ and Asali Zintoyinto who was awarded a ‘Certificate for Neatness in Grade 1’. It is interesting and gratifying to note that Thulile and Linewu between them, were the top achievers in the 3 subject areas covered in Grade 1 ie English, Mathematics and Life Skills! We are delighted with these special achievements and we are confident that all the children will continue to grow and flourish in every way in 2013.