Funeka, our Grade R teacher and a skilled facilitator, presented a thought-provoking and enjoyable workshop for 28 mothers, grandparents and even 1 father – the community tractor driver! Traditionally very young children spend many hours on their mothers’ backs and they lack even the most basic toys and books.

After Funeka had emphasized how vitally important it is to stimulate children right from birth, everyone made 3 items to take home: a ball made from scraps of material, a rattle from wood and bottle tops and a simple picture book.

Emphasis was placed on using items that are readily available in the environment, or which are normally thrown away, to make beautiful toys for young children. Shiny scraps of paper, shells, feathers and bottletops, dangling from a piece of driftwood, can become a fascinating mobile for a baby. Threads from orange / cabbage bags are strong and plentiful.

This was the 1st of a series of workshops planned to encourage parents to play with their children more, to look around them with new eyes and to see the potential for toy-making in their environment and in litter.

Shakers were colourful, effective and easily made from everyday materials


….and this one was quickly put to the test!

Proud parents ready to take their handiwork home to their little ones!