As a result of successful mobilisation and transporting of 186 over 60s to Madwaleni Hospital two weeks ago during our first COVID vaccine campaign, the Department of Health (Madweleni hospital and Mbashe sub-district) partnered with the Bulungula Incubator to become the first community outreach site in our district!

Nqileni and Tshezi community members waiting for vaccine at Jujurha ECD.

Last week, we worked diligently to mobilise, register, and prepare our vaccination sites for 50-59 year olds, and any over 60s who were not yet vaccinated. By Wednesday, we had our first day of outreach, and began vaccinating at our Jujurha ECD for community members in Nqileni and Tshezi villages— vaccinating 75 people. On Thursday, we set up our vaccination site at the Bulungula College for community members in Folokwe and Mgojweni villages, and extended our efforts to two additional nearby villages— vaccinating 120 people.

Working together as a combined team with members from the Department of Health, vaccination was safely and efficiently completed over 3-4 hours each day, with most people in and out within an hour. Furthermore, since 35-49 could begin vaccinating from midday on 15 July, we were able to administer 5 unused vaccines to younger people.

To date, we have directly ensured the vaccination of 434 community members from our area, estimating nearly 95% of people over 60 reached. As South Africa continues to battle the third wave of COVID-19, our efforts have been a vital to protect our community members before it reaches us.

We are incredibly proud of all the hard work and dedication from our staff members, and the motivation from our community members to protect themselves, and our village.

Sisonke singayilwa siyoyise lentsholongwane! Together, we will beat COVID-19!

Dali, BI staff member, helping to register and prep for vaccines
Community member waiting to be vaccinated
Vaccination with DoH at Bulungula College