This week Dr. Kgomotso Lekalakala, from Zithulele Hospital, came to the Nqileni Health Point to administer general dentistry care to community members. Currently, we partner with dentist Dr. Themba Tsotso in Madwaleni who comes every two months, however, we have a high need for dental care in our community, so we have additionally partnered with Dr. Lekalakala and his team for support.

Photographed left to right: Dentist, Dr. Kgomotso Lekalakala; Dental Assitant, Ziyanda Pali; Nqileni Health Point Assistant Nurse, Vuyami Olo.

Dr. Lekalakala sited that proper dental hygiene in this area is generally very poor. This is attributed to a lack of basic knowledge of dental hygiene and a lack of access to consistent dental care. During this visit, he focused on a baseline treatment of extraction, but in the future he will offer cleanings and fillings to maintain patient dental health.

We are excited to welcome Dr. Lekalakala to the Nqileni Health Point once every month! We are grateful for all of our partners who are dedicated to providing access to quality health care for our community!