The children at Jujurha Preschool are now welcomed every morning by a circle of colourful cushions on the grass mats in their classrooms. The cushion project was facilitated by Lindiwe and Funeka and was enthusiastically embraced by the children’s mothers, grandmothers & caregivers.

The ladies of the sewing group used donated material to make the cushion covers which were then stuffed and sewn up by the parents and each child’s name was sewn onto the cushion. This took place at a workshop in the library and was a very cheerful and sociable gathering. These hard-working rural women always enjoy the rare opportunity of working with attractive materials while relaxing over cups of tea.

Once completed, the cushions were carried in a colourful procession to each classroom where, after singing, dancing and speech-making, each mother/ caregiver presented the cushion to her delighted child!

We are always looking for new ways to involve the parents and care-givers in the education of their children at Jujurha Preschool. Since the establishment of the Preschool in 2009, mothers have come on a rotational basis to cook the meals in lieu of school fees and the cushion project has been yet another successful way of bringing the community into the educational activities of their children.

Proud mothers, happy children, satisfied teachers!