The Siyakhula Sewing Group continues to grow in leaps and bounds. The Sewing Group got a contract to supply protective wear for the Community Worker Programme (the Community Worker Programme is a government programme under the Department of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs which creates work opportunities. The CWP participants implement community development initiatives). The four members of the Siyakhula Sewing Group were contracted to produce at 150 garments per individual, consisting of work -suit sets and dustcoats.


Mama Nothembile proudly displaying a completed worksuit jacket

The Siyakhula Sewing Group is contracted to produce 200 uniforms for the CWP. The sewing group is proud of the fact that 200 people from the Xhora Mouth area will be wearing uniforms that were made by them. Nothembile, one of the sewing mamas, constantly reminds everyone that “zezase Nqileni ezi” (these are from Nqileni village). The sewing group’s work has been impressive for a start and negotiations are already in place for the supply of more uniforms in 2013.


The sewing mamas getting down to serious business

As is always the case with first-time assignments, the job had its own hiccups as the group had to navigate some tough challenges. Top on the challenges list was the unsuitable working environment caused by the absence of electricity or any other alternative power sources for the operation of the sewing machines and lighting. Without electricity, the work becomes labour intensive, time consuming and, at the worst case scenario, can lead to an unprofitable venture.


Mama Nozethile displays a completed worksuit in true village style……..that is, on a grass mat

Despite the challenges, the sewing group soldiered on and produced the uniforms.


Mama Mankula ponders her next move

Top of Siyakhula Sewing Group’s wish list is a solar system that will provide electric energy to power the sewing machines. With electrically operated machines, production will increase, product quality will improve and the production time will be greatly shortened.