The pictures say it all…..

This recent picture of the Jujurha Early Learning Centre shows how lush and green the garden has become. Against all odds (including goats, kids' scooters, and drought), we actually have rolling lawns! Thanks to Annette's green fingers! You can also see our latest addition to the infrastructure - staff showers (bottom left hand corner). None of the staff huts have running water and the new showers are part of our efforts to improve the living conditions of staff in the village. The showers were made possible by a generous donation from the Glenday Family. The roof of the shower building also provides another opportunity for water collection and we are in the process of putting in place additional water tanks.

Enjoying the delicious hot lunch

The seeds we planted a few months ago are now bearing fruit (actually, vegetables!). These are added to the pot to make a nutritious, delicious lunch.

One of our beautiful classrooms. The lego was recently donated by a visiting volunteer from Sweden (THANK YOU Annike and Friends!)

Our newly acquired water table has been a big hit. The teachers received training on how to integrate water play into classroom activities and learning (it's amazing how many basic mathematical principles can be explored through water play)