With the help of the Rotary Gistel, we have completed the installation of 29 water tanks in the villages of Tshezi, Mgojweni Folokwe. The community of Tshezi decided to allocate a tank to Xhora Mouth School where there is a dire need for access to drinkable water. This project also replaced the old roof gutters to ensure optimal rain water harvesting at the school.

The CSIR visited us again in August to build on the water usage workshops they have been conducting the area over the past year. The topic this time was on Hygiene and Sanitation. The emphasis was on developing an understanding of contaminated water and how to identify it: even if water looks clear, it can still make you ill! When water is contaminated by algae it is easy to see the problem but even if it is clear, it is safer to use a filter and to ensure that your water sources are protected at all times.

This workshop also focused on the importance of using toilets. They described a toilet that can be made with locally available materials: sticks from the forest, mud walls and a ventilating pipe.

The workshop explained the importance of washing hands and CSIR distributed a poster which can be put up inside a household which explains why this is important and how to do it correctly.Part of the training included a trip to the natural water springs. It was agreed that the placement of stoned around the springs could be effective in the prevention of contamination.

visit to springs

community working on spring




We covered the spring with a biddum, material that prevents it filling up with mud ,and then placed the stones around it.