The Grade 1, 2 & 3 children attending No ofisi School enjoy stimulating programmes offered at the Jujurha Education Centre where they visit the library to exchange their books, listen to a story and are offered a variety of activities including games, puzzles, lego, numeracy and literacy lessons. Particular attention is paid to visual literacy which is an area of weakness in children who have been deprived of books and pictures in their homes. The Grade 2s shown below loved the exercise devised by Dorothy Raine, a visiting teacher from Cape Town, who spent 10 days assisting Annette.

With the arrival of Kate Rice, a Canadian volunteer who will spend a year with the BI, we have been able to extend the After School Enrichment Programme to the Grade 4, 5 & 6 children at No ofisi School. The 1st lesson was on dental hygiene and every child went home with a new toothbrush, thanks to the generosity of South African and Australian friends. We plan to focus on the teaching of English mixed with some creative activities.