In January 2010, a SABC film crew visited Nqileni to film a documentary for the television series Kaelo – Stories of Hope. This was an Old Mutual initiative and organized by the head of the Old Mutual Foundation, Andile Ncontsa.

The program aired on Sunday the 31st January 2010, at 12h30 on SABC 1. We have had several requests from people for more information on the Essential Oils Project following the viewing.

The participating farmers were galvanized by the filming and many of them were filmed and interviewed. A lot of footage was shot of the various fields with people working in them as well as a group meeting of all the farmers at the new project office. This has had a strong internal impact on the project in terms of the project farmers feeling part of something big, and the project being discussed and understood more broadly in the community.

We received a copy of the documentary from SABC and organised a viewing (using our projector) in our community library for the farmers and their families. There was much excitement when farmers saw themselves and their land on the ‘big screen’!!

Many thanks once again to OLD MUTUAL for their incredible support.