Since we started our Homestay project in 2010 it has been receiving quite a lot of visitors mostly  during the holidays and only when the Bulungula backpackers is full.  We now get more bookings directly to us and this past festive season was the busiest of all. We really pride ourselves for such a tremendous improvement and now we are getting bookings almost every month!
We have increased the number of our huts to meet the high demand of our guests.

Guests walk to homestay

Guests walk to homestay


Receiving a warm welcome from Mama Nokhongilas homestay


Andre and Rone enjoying the view of Xhorha river while Mama Nokhuphile feeds her chickens


Homestay guests can enjoy all activities provided by the backpackers. Here they are visiting a traditional herbalist who is explaining different kinds of medicine


Nice walk on the sand where you can pick many different kinds of shells

If you want to experience the rural life of the Eastern Cape, the Homestay is the place for you.  Stay with one of the families and eat what they eat, you can also choose to do their daily activities with them.  Your holiday will never be this rural anywhere else except @