In exciting developments for the Bulungula Incubator’s Sustainable Livelihoods portfolio, two new micro-enterprises have been started. The Chicken Farmers of Tshezi village and the Photographer from Folokhwe village are the new additions to the existing local micro-enterprises.

The Chicken Farmers will be producing broiler chickens that will be sold locally. The broiler chickens, commonly referred to as Ramthuthu, are a must-have item on social grants’ pay days in the villages. Properly reared, Ramthuthu grows to weights of between 2.5 – 4kgs.


(from left) Khuselo, the BI community facilitator with Mam' Mbangasini and Mongezi, the chicken farmers


Construction of the chicken houses is going according to plan and the first batch of day-old chickens will be purchased in mid-October.



Mam’ Mbangasini and Mongezi, the chicken farmers, are excited about the prospect of owning their business and they are working hard to ensure the success of their venture. They have also got expert training on chicken farming from Michael and Alex of Ikhaya Loxolo.


The days of having to travel to Xhorha, Mqaduli or Mthatha to print and develop photographs will be consigned to history as there is a new photographer in the community. The photographer, Yonela Nkopheni, is a young man from Folokhwe village who has been unemployed. Yonela recently received a digital camera, rechargeable batteries and a battery charger that were kindly donated by a BI Board Member.

A photo-printer and its accessories were bought to complete his photographing and printing kit. The printer is a portable unit that prints instant photographs from memory devices and directly from a digital camera.

Yonela, the photographer, busy printing photos

The early signs of success have prompted the idea of having a second photographer that will service the Nqileni village.