The Jujurha preschool is a feeder school for the local primary school, No-ofisi. The Bulungula Incubator is committed to working with No-ofisi to ensure a continuation of education excellence for the children graduating from the ELC. However, we recognize that it will take some time to improve the quality of education at No-ofisi. As such, we have begun an after-school tutoring programme for foundation phase learners from No-ofisi.


Children in Grades 1 to 3 are invited to afternoon sessions at the ELC. These sessions include opportunities for supervised play with educational toys, structured numeracy and literacy lessons and story time in the Jujurha library.


At the moment, the tutoring programme is structured to accommodate Grade 1 learners on Mondays, Grade 2 learners on Tuesdays and Grade 3 learners on Wednesdays. We have consistently had over 20 children attending each day.

Our work with the children to date highlights significant gaps in their knowledge and skills, and points to the need for more concentrated and frequent contact with each child in order to raise their level of skills on par with peers at better schools.