Proper handwashing with soap is key to prevent the spread of COVID-19. However, South Africa is a water-stressed country, and according to latest government statistics, an estimated 2 million South African households do not have handwashing facilities. Our community relies on seasonal rain and communal taps for water supply, which can often be erratic and variable.

Tippy Tap at the Bulunugla Community Radio

This month, the Bulungula Community Radio took part in the #TippyTapChallenge by UNICEF South Africa to promote a water saving solution for proper hand hygiene. We built a simple structure from sticks, string, and a plastic bottle to create a handwashing facility that uses little water. Reliable, cost-effective, and super easy/fun to set up… what’s not to love?!

Take part in the challenge with us and try it out for yourself! Check out UNICEF South Africa for more information.