The Jujurha Library has been open for ‘check-out’ since March 2010. Prior to that, children were only able to use books on the premises. Interest in the library has grown substantially since we started, and we now have over 120 children  borrowing books on a weekly basis. The library resources are also used by our teachers for lesson preparations, and library activities are integrated into the daily routine at the preschool and after-school enrichment programme.

Early literacy in action

Every child has been given a library bag – to carry the books to and from home. These are a big hit and it is so rewarding to see so many children walking around the village with bright yellow and blue bags!

Kids borrowing books from the Jujurha Library

Taking books home in new book bags

We also have a growing number of adults from the community borrowing books from the library. We are delighted by this interest and are now trying to expand our adult isiXhosa reading material. Any donations of appropriate reading materials are very welcome.

It is very encouraging to see an increase in adult usage of the library

Our trainee librarian, Nokolo Bless helps with cataloguing and covering new books and is responsible for checking books out.

Our trainee librarian, Nokolo Bless