Community Members picking up trash

From December until March, the government has extra money for job creation, and reached out to the Bulungula Incubator to create local employment opportunities.

Starting in December, our pick-up project has employed 52 local community members to collect garbage from near and surrounding areas. Monday thru Friday, each employee must collect 2 garbage bags full of trash. 

We are excited for this initiative, and hopeful that the dedication of picking up trash will continue after March.

Currently in our community, there is zero trash removal service of any kind, a lack of basic environmental understanding, paired with the fact that the most accessible food items are packaged, all resulting in the dilemma of improperly disposed trash. If trash is collected, the only options of disposal are incinerating or burying. With limited options, the trash often ends up on the ground, on our beaches, or in our ocean. Unfortunately, waste management is a privilege, not a right.

In addition to this community project, our Give A Wave project (read here for more info) is also tackling domestic recycling by educating young learners on the environment and conservation, and requires each participant to pick up a bag of trash in order to ‘pay’ for their surf lesson. In the future, Give a Wave will use the trash that is collected to repurpose it as building material.

Give A Wave Project participants collecting trash to ‘pay’ for their surf lesson.

While creating sustainable waste removal is a big issue to tackle worldwide, the Xhora Mouth community is taking positive steps to address the matter locally. We hope that these projects will inspire and instill the responsibility needed to maintain a clean environment!

(Upon the completion of the project, the government has agreed to remove all the bags of trash we have collected)