The dry season has started: our rain water tanks and even fresh water springs are drying out and community members have to walk long distances to collect river water.  The river water is not at all safe to drink causing diarrhoea and other water borne illnesses in children and adults. A few months ago, the CSIR  piloted the use of a new household water filtration system: easy to use and cheap!

The new ‘tulip’ water filter

Community members sharing out the CSIR-sponsored filters

After the distribution of the filters followed up to determine their success. Community members agreed that these filters are working well, providing access to clean water that tastes better.

Mama Nomzamo using her water filter

However, many community members complained that it takes along time to fill up a bucket and they don’t often have buckets available to use in the filtration process.  We have now managed to find the same ‘tulip’ filtration system with built in and sealed buckets, reducing exposure of the filtered water to recontamination. The entire system can also be set aside with its dedicated buckets for use when needed for drinking or cooking, we hope this will improve household usage of the system. We will be following up with the ‘test’ households in the coming weeks. If successful we believe that this could be a easy and effective way for government to provide access to safe water to all communities in the country!

The new NAVAZA tulip filter with built in buckets