After their initial fact finding trip earlier in the year, the CSIR returned last week to engage members of the community in developing a plan for optimal water resource usage. The CSIR, Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, has a lot of clever people who develop technologies that can be very useful in these parts!

The workshop was held at the home of the subheadman of Folokwe Village. The communities of Nqileni and Folokwe sent 5 elected representatives each who shared the problems experienced with water resources and participated in discussions about developing appropriate solutions.

The CSIR presenting on the importance of clean water

Various solutions to the lack of access to water for drinking and farming was discussed, including the continuation of spring water protection, water tank installation and borehole water exploration – programmes that the Bulungula Incubator manages under its Basic Services focus area. As they had done at their first visit, the CSIR team tested a sample of our drinking water springs and boreholes to determine their fitness for human consumption.

Workshopping problems and solutions

The CSIR team will return with household water filtration systems that will be piloted in households around the community and monitored to determine effectiveness, efficiency and ease of use. The pilot programme will be rolled out at the BI Community Health events that are held monthly in the each of the four villages. At these health events we make use of microscopes, picture charts and physical experiments, donated by the German student organisation, Tapini, to demonstrate water health issues. The roll out of the CSIR water filters will complement the activities at these events.

Looking at water contaminants through a microscope

With recent funding from the UEND Foundation, the Rotary Gistel Belgium and Tapini, our efforts to assist the communities of the Xhora Mouth Area realise the basic human right to potable water continue in earnest.

Repairing the borehole at Noofisi School where a new wind turbine pump will soon be installed

Rolling water tanks home