Home-Based Care worker administering de-worming medication

Our Zero Stunting Campaign began in 2015 when we first launched our Health Programme. The campaign was started to fight the prevalent issue of child stunting in our community. According to the WHO, child stunting is impaired growth and development of a child due to poor nutrition, repeated infection, or inadequate psychological stimulation (https://www.who.int/nutrition/healthygrowthproj_stunted_videos/en/). 

In order to combat early-life stunting in our community our HBC workers travel to each of our four Preschools in the Xhora Mouth Area to administer de-worming medication and vitamin A supplements. Each visit, every child is weighed and given medication so that their linear growth can monitored by the HBC team.

Since the beginning of our campaign, we have been able to maintain the health of our children and proudly have zero cases of stunting!