Happy Birthday, Madiba!

The Jujurha Preschool children, under the watchful eyes of their teachers, collected litter as their service to the community on Nelson Mandela’s 93rd birthday. In a village where there is no municipal refuse removal system, litter spoils the beautiful landscape, especially around the spaza shops. The children filled 3 large bags which were then returned to the … READ MORE

Cooking on Sunfire!

A recent visit by Crosby Menzies of Sunfire (www.sunfire.co.za) to the Bulungula Lodge led to some environmentally friendly and quite novel additions to our Nutrition programme. Crosby had loaded his Landy with a few Sunfire Solar Cookers that proved to work just brilliantly in our sunny Bulungula weather. He arrived just in time for us … READ MORE

Health Awareness in Nqileni

Our very conscientious Community Care Worker, Nomzingisi Hopisi organised the first of what we hope will be many Health Awareness days in the Xhora Mouth Area. With the support of the staff and nurses from Madwaleni Hospital, we launched the our Health series in Nqileni Village with the theme: HIV/AIDS. The day started slowly with … READ MORE

Welcome, Breadline Africa!

    We were delighted to show our beautiful and flourishing food gardens (where beetroots grow to the size of footballs!)  to the funders of our nutrition programme. Tim and Gail met the hard working gardeners, and saw the meals being prepared and enjoyed.