Help from the Healers!

Nomzingisi and Sam are reaching out to the local sangomas (traditional healers) for their help in getting HIV/AIDS awareness out into the community.  According to Wikipedia, about 60% of South Africans consult traditional healers.  For many remote villages sangomas are the sole providers of holistic treatment where modern “western medicine” is virtually nonexistent with the … READ MORE


We are happy to announce the successful graduation of our 9 Community Care Workers from the Zingisa Rehabilitation training program. Along with learning general home based care and first aid, the program provided lessons on counseling, basic nursing and checking vital signs.  During the training, the care workers receive both classroom instruction and hands-on practical … READ MORE

HIV Awareness in the Classroom

Sam is bringing his HIV awareness presentation into the local classrooms targeting all learners 12 years and older at both the No-Ofisi primary school and the Xhora Mouth secondary school. The learners are still shy and require lots of encouragement to actively participate in the sessions and engage in group discussions, but Sam is confident … READ MORE

Seed Beds

Thabang and Sam keep working to improve the BI gardens.  Their latest aspiration is to add seedling beds to the gardens. Seedling beds will allow Thabang to use his own seeds for planting vegetables instead of purchasing more expensive seedlings from outside sources.  The seedling beds provide shelter and nourishment so the planted seeds grow … READ MORE

July Health Day

The BI’s monthly Health Day for July was held in Tshezi.  The event was slightly less formal as we did not have access to a tent because it was needed for a local funeral.  Instead, Khuselo and Sam facilitated discussions outside as people waited to be tested for HIV.  The attendees listened and learned as … READ MORE