Sitting Pretty!

The children at Jujurha Preschool are now welcomed every morning by a circle of colourful cushions on the grass mats in their classrooms. The cushion project was facilitated by Lindiwe and Funeka and was enthusiastically embraced by the children’s mothers, grandmothers & caregivers. The ladies of the sewing group used donated material to make the … READ MORE

Community Garden!

The first vegetable plot for the community garden in Tshezi village has been planted!  The BI sent their Peace Corps Volunteer Sam (their unofficial permagarden expert) with a bag of seedlings to teach a group of TEBA workers from the Community Workers Program how to plant a sustainable, low maintenance, food garden.  After collecting rusty … READ MORE

Help from the Healers!

Nomzingisi and Sam are reaching out to the local sangomas (traditional healers) for their help in getting HIV/AIDS awareness out into the community.  According to Wikipedia, about 60% of South Africans consult traditional healers.  For many remote villages sangomas are the sole providers of holistic treatment where modern “western medicine” is virtually nonexistent with the … READ MORE