Siyakhula Sewing Group produces Community Worker Programme uniforms

The Siyakhula Sewing Group continues to grow in leaps and bounds. The Sewing Group got a contract to supply protective wear for the Community Worker Programme (the Community Worker Programme is a government programme under the Department of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs which creates work opportunities. The CWP participants implement community development initiatives). The four … READ MORE

Out now :‘How to Start Your Own Enterprise’ DVD

A DVD documenting how to start enterprises in remote areas has been completed by the Bulungula Incubator. The informational DVD serves as a guide for the establishment of small business ventures in remote and inadequately services areas such as Nqileni village. Production of the DVD was inspired and guided by the lessons learnt in establishing and running business … READ MORE

Excellent start for the Tshezi chicken farming enterprise

Quick facts: They tip the scales at an average of 3.5kg; almost every household has one on peyi day (social grants’ payment day); and they were bred in Tshezi Village by Mam’ Maduma and Mongezi – They are the chickens of the Tshezi chicken farming enterprise. After months of construction, training, endless preparatory planning and dissapointment, the … READ MORE