Essential Oils Cooperative spreads its wings

The Bulungula Essential Oils Cooperative is taking its business to a higher level by adding soap making into its existing activities. The core business of the cooperative is still the selling of dried lemongrass for tea production and essential oils distillation. Teething problems affecting the lemongrass plants such as the compromised quality of the dried … READ MORE

Flash, camera & action in Nqileni village

Special moments, the beautiful scenery of Nqileni, the vibrant colours of the village events and the ‘I was there moments’ will not be easily forgotten as Nqileni has its own ‘paparazzi’ to preserve the memories. Zamile Dyubhele, also known by his indoda (man) name Vuluzuko, is the young man responsible for keeping Nqileni’s memories fresh in peoples’ … READ MORE

The new members: Chicken Farming and Photographing enterprises

  In exciting developments for the Bulungula Incubator’s Sustainable Livelihoods portfolio, two new micro-enterprises have been started. The Chicken Farmers of Tshezi village and the Photographer from Folokhwe village are the new additions to the existing local micro-enterprises. The Chicken Farmers will be producing broiler chickens that will be sold locally. The broiler chickens, commonly referred … READ MORE

Wool felted cellphone pouches made by Takane Felting

Custom designed mobile phone pouches are the hottest property in Nqileni. The pouches come in different styles, designs and colours. Customers get to choose their preferred designs and they can also watch the felting process. iPhone and Blackberry pouches are by far the most popular pouches that are being produced. The pouches are designed and made … READ MORE

Beekeepers get expert training on honey making

The Bulungula Forest Honey producers recently hosted an expert beekeeper, Mr Faku, to train them on the different aspects of beekeeping and honey production. Mr Faku, a patient and easy-going man from the village of Libode, 20 kilometers east of Mthatha, is a commercial honey producer who supplies honey to buyers in East London – … READ MORE