Lemongrass farmers do some research into the essential oils market

The Zizamele Co-op, led by our Chairperson Mam’ Nolesile, paid a research visit to Essential Amathole on the scenic mountains of the Hogsback. Essential Amathole’s profile describes it as a producer in a range of organic essential oils and medicinal plant extracts for the global market. The aim of the research visit was to get … READ MORE

Our first “real” homestay guests!

Last year, the Homestay project started off with ‘invited’ guests, who stayed for free in order for us to test the product. This worked well and we received lots of useful feedback. Once the website (www.bulungulahomestay.com) was completed and the Bulungula Lodge started referring its overflow to us, we had our very first ‘real’ visitors, … READ MORE